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Amended, Restated and Consolidated Deed Restrictions

Updated 10 Nov 2016

As discussed in the October 2016 Annual Meeting, the amended, restated and consolidated deed restrictions are available for residents to review.

If you need to obtain the consent form, please click here.


Each section has a different set of Deed Restrictions. If you need to know what section your home is in, go to Harris Country Appraisal District website and type your address in the search engine.

Section 1
      Amendment to Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

Section 3
      Amendment to Section 3
Section 4
Section 5

Articles of Incorporation
ACA By Laws
Architectural Deed Restrictions / Guidelines
Summary of Ashford Forest and South Deed Restrictions
Landscaping Water Conservation Guidelines
Letter of Agreement between ACA and Lake Section
Architectural Request Form

For issues related to Deed Restrictions, please contact Natasha Griffin.


Home Improvements

In order to protect each individual homeowner’s property value and privacy, it is required for any homeowner or group of owners planning improvements or changes to their deeded property(ies), besides landscaping, to submit an Architectural Request Form.

This request is reviewed by the Association Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to ensure compliance with the Declaration of the Covenants and Restrictions. If any change is made that has not been approved, the Board of Directors has the right to ask the homeowner to remove the improvement and/or change from the property.

Siding, Trim, Door and Shutter Colors

Considering a home improvement? A list of approved siding, Trim, door and shutter colors is available for reference.

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